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Stsadm operations

· Activatefeature
Activates a feature in the feature collection.
· Addalternatedomain
Adds an internal URL and maps it to one of the five URL zones of a Web application or external resource.
· Addcontentdb
Creates a new content database or adds a database that needs to be upgraded when the url and databasename parameters are specified.
· Adddataconnectionfile
Adds a new DataConnectionFile to the DataConnectionFiles collection for InfoPath Forms Services.
· Add-ecsfiletrustedlocation
Lets an administrator add a file to the trusted location list.
· Add-ecssafedataprovider
Lets an administrator add a supported provider type to the safe provider list.
· Add-ecstrusteddataconnectionlibrary
Adds a trusted data connection to a library.
· Add-ecsuserdefinedfunction
Adds a user defined function.
· Addexemptuseragent
Adds a user agent, which is typically in the form of a search bot, to receive the XML file that contains the data of the form for indexing instead of the HTML rendering of the form.
· Addpath
Adds a managed path inclusion to a Web application.
· Addpermissionpolicy
Adds a user to a policy role for the Web application based on the specified permission level name and corresponding zone.
· Addsolution
Adds a solution file to the solution store.
· Addtemplate
Adds a site template to the template gallery.
· Adduser
Adds a user account to the specified site collection and assigns it to the specified site group.
· Authentication
Authentication provides the user identity input to the authorization process which determines what actions the current user is allowed to perform on a given object.
· Backup
Describes how to back up a site collection, an individual database, a Web application, or an entire farm.
· Backuphistory
Displays a history of backup and restore operations that have been run.
· Creategroup
Lets site collection administrators create new groups from any site collection.
· Createsite
Creates a site collection at the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL) with the specified user as site collection owner and site collection administrator.
· Deletecontentdb
Detaches a content database when the Web application, database name, and database server are specified.
· Deleteconfigdb
Unprovisions the local machine from the farm and deletes the configuration database (but does not drop the configuration database).
· Deletegroup
Deletes a group created in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.
· Deletesite
Deletes the site collection with the specified URL from the Web application.
· Deletesolution
Removes a Windows SharePoint Services Solution Package (*.wsp) from the solution store.
· Deletessp
Deletes a Shared Services Provider (SSP) in a Web application when the title parameter is specified.
· Deletessptimerjob
Deletes all of the timer jobs in the Shared Services Provider (SSP).
· Deletetemplate
Deletes a specified site template from the site template gallery.
· Deleteuser
Deletes a user account from the specified site collection and specified site.
· Deleteweb
Deletes a subsite using the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL).
· Deploysolution
Deploys files related to a solution from the configuration database to individual front-end Web servers in the farm.
· Displaysolution
Displays specific solution or Web Part information in a solution store.
· Editssp
Allows the site collection administrator for the Shared Services Administration site to perform the following functions:
· Change the databases that a Shared Services Provider (SSP) uses.
· Change the SQL credentials associated with the SSP databases.
· Modify the service account credentials.
· Rename an SSP
· Email
Sets the e-mail configuration settings for your server.
· Export
Exports site and subsite data from your Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 installation.
· Import
Imports site and subsite data from your Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 installation.
· Installfeature
Installs a feature.
· Renameserver
Changes the name of the specified server in the configuration database.
· Renamesite
Changes a URL of a host-named site collection to a new URL.
· Renameweb
Changes the URL of a subsite.
· Restore
Explains how a restoration of a site collection, an individual database, a Web application, or an entire farm is performed.
· Restoressp
Creates a Shared Service Provider using a restored database.
· Retractsolution
Retracts the specified solution’s deployment, and removes files from the front-end Web server.
· Scanforfeatures
Scans for new features in the file system, and if new features are present, installs them.
· Setconfigdb
Creates a new configuration database in a farm or joins the local computer to an existing farm’s configuration database.
· Setdefaultssp
Sets a Shared Services Provider (SSP) as the default SSP in a farm.
· Setlogginglevel
Sets the Windows event log and trace log logging level for one or more diagnostic logging categories registered in the farm.
· Setsitelock
Sets a value that specifies whether the site collection is locked and unavailable for read or write access.
· Siteowner
Sets the primary or secondary administrator of a site collection.
· Setworkflowconfig
Enables or disables the workflow settings
· Upgradesolution
Upgrades an existing solution. The solution to be upgraded could be either deployed or not deployed; however, the immediate or time parameters apply only if the solution has been deployed.
· Userrole
Adds or deletes permission levels to site groups.

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