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Steps For Repeatable Database Integration Activities

SNO Activity  Description
1 Drop database  Drop the database and remove the associated data so that you can create a new database with the same name.
2 Create database Create a new database using Data Definition Language (DDL).
3 Insert system data Insert any initial data (e.g., lookup tables) that your system is expected to contain when delivered.
4 Insert test data Insert test data into multiple testing instances.
5 Migrate database and data Migrate the database schema and data on a periodic basis (if you are creating a system based on an existing database).
6 Set up database instances in multiple environments Establish separate databases to support different versions and environments.
7 Modify column attributes and constraints Modify table column attributes and constraints based on requirements and refactoring.
8 Modify test data Alter test data as needed for multiple environments.
9 Modify stored procedures(along with functions and triggers) Modify and test your stored procedures many times during development (you typically need to do this if you are using stored procedures to provide behavior for your software).
10 Obtain access to different environments Log in to different database environments using an ID, password, and database identifier(s).
11 Back up/restore large data sets Create specialized functions for especially large data sets or entire databases.
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