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Multiplication trick

May 16, 2011 Leave a comment

To make the multiplication with some trick

Take first digit from each side

Then make cross multiple with other digit and sum the result


finally take multiple of last digit in both the side


now con cat all the result will give you the result


Similarly for little bit complex digit





Here while you join the result some time you can find more than one digit as in this case, if so you have to add the highest position of each result with other.

In our case, you have to combine 45 with 95, here 95 is two digit number and not single digit so add 9 it with 45 which result as below 54 now combine remaining one digit 4 with this 54.


similarly for last one
544+48=> 54(4+4)8=>5488

so the result is 56*98=5488

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